Timeline: Semester Summary

Links to the key posts for each sprint

Sprint 1


Hurry Hurry Heal Me Rename and Bobbie Joining the team


Kanban Wall


Social Media Summary



Sprint 2


Project Timeline and Goals


Nintendo Switch Decision

Anatomy Research


Clay Modelling




Sprint 3


3D Character Model


Rigging – Deformed Model







Sprint 4


Walk Cycle Research


Initial Walk 



Testing Walk Animating In Game




Sprint 5

pic from sketchbook of animation research


Animation Research

Refer to sketchbook 1



Walk Experiments




Sprint 6

Skipping Animations 

Testing Skipping Animations In Unity



Reflection: Skip Animations + Broken Rig



4th Character Design

Refer to sketchbook 1


Leaping Animations + Fixed Rig





Sprint 7

 Formative Feedback


Turning Experiments


Turning Animation


Texturing Decision


Modelling: All Characters


Overall Reflection On Modelling 



EGX Rezzed


Norwich Games Festival Decision



Sprint 8

Marketing Imagery



Sprint 9


User Testing

Session 1

Session 2




Analysis 1 


Analysis 2




Refer to Sketchbook 2


Reflection: User Testing


Sprint 10


Logo Design

Refer to Sketchbook 3





Merchandise Designs


Menu Screens

Refer to Sketchbook 1

Pop Up Banner



Norwich Games Festival





Semester Reflection


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