Industry Talk: Tiga

Christian Bravery

Until Dawn – Character Design

Other AAA’s


The Lock – Interactive Narrative

Working on at the mo

Process to picture – Rough skappy sketches

Then made 3D models – Get different views that didn’t think of before – can set up different lighting – Industry Standard that people do this now.

Thats all the values set just need to worry about colour and texture in the painting


Paint over the model screenshot – black Line detail –


Find photos of similar things – houses, landrover

Then cut them out the backgrounds and free transform that into the object shapes

Want the fewest strokes as possible


Adding colour onto the image (without the texture)


Be as loss as possible


Focal point – Highest detail and contrast – Put all the detail into that and the rest is a lot losser.








I think this was the most useful talk we’ve had all year if not for the whole course. It opened up my eyes to the techniques and processes concept artists use in industry, with Christian showing us process videos of his art work. Learning that he uses rough sketches, then forms a 3D model out of this, forming a viewpoint to work from and easily adding lighting to the rendered model. Then using a screenshot from this he painted over the screenshot added finer line detailling eg brickwork or grass. Afterwards he collected reference photos and manipulated them to create a collage over the model, making it look more like a photograph, by being to learn what textures to use. From this he then focused on the colour and texture, using multiple brushes to do this. I just found the whole process fascinating and it made me feel inspired to do lots of painting. Previously I have looked at finalised ‘concept’ art and been overwhelmed by the quality and never believed I could do it, but seeing the process it has made me feel more confident that I can make work like that, as I feel with some practice I could do each process. Now all I want to do is paint, can’t I just stop this project and do that? I think not but hopefully I’ll try to go some more digital painting over Easter for start screens and marketing purposes. I would definitely advice Adam getting Christian in again for another talk or workshop. Great talk I’d recommend to all.