Industry Talk: Chris (Crowdfunding)


Chris used to work for


1997 – When crowdfunding started

2006 – When he started crowdfunding



  • Company set up by Chris


Crowdfunding Intelligence – Book 1

Crowded Comments – Other Books


  • Crowdcontent – diagram


Good Books:

(Don’t be afraid to brake the mould in terms of business models)

(Very GOOD!!)

(Never be afraid to pivot your business model to fit the market)




5 fundamentals of getting consent from the crowd

  • Donation
  • Equity
  • Mixed
  • Interest
  • Reward


  • Cooperate Layer of crowdfunding coming in
  • But don’t really know where crowdfunding is going

The Dark Side of Crowdfunding

  • Games have had turbulent time on crowdfunding – Fraudulent
  • Difficult questions – Worded differently but we do know the answers.


Crowd will be:

  • Investors
  • Producers
  •  Consumers

Assess motions before you start the campaign

People want to be involve in the campaign – Particularly education


  • Need to be flexible but when presenting to the crowd you need to be fixed – Conflict



Listening to Chris today, he is clearly passionate about what he does. I personally don’t feel it is a direction I would want to go for creating games, simply due to the risk factor around it. As there is no guarantee I would gain enough money to back my project and so I could easily be out of a job. So there is little security with this and I do like security as otherwise I will stress manically.

I feel there is also greater pressure on projects that have been funded to actually produce exactly what was specified within the proposal. Like all projects there may be an initial idea, but multiple factors cause certain aspects to change and evolve, and it often becomes something different from what was proposed. I’d worry that this would happen and I would have to be explain this to all the different backers, which some or all may not have wanted the game to turn like.

This may be a very pessimistic view, but trying to please multiple backers, compared to a publisher team who I believe would have a greater understanding of the development process, is far scarier and more of a worry for me. Because I am unsure the backers will understand why changes have been made and may no longer like the product.

Therefore, I feel this could affect the way I view the game and cause me to become discouraged in creating games in the future, due to the negativity.

Overall I do believe Crowdfunding is a key part of funding nowadays and it can be very useful for unique and crazy ideas to come to life. However I feel you need to be careful with how you market the projects and ensure the idea has been tested and refined before asking for money, so the final outcome doesn’t differ dramatically from what was proposed.