Sennep Meeting


Along with Aaron and Adam I travelled up to London to the Sennep studio to discuss how their current game concept could be developed.

I am unclear how much I can discuss about the details of the meeting, due to confidentiality. However, as a team we gave suggestions on refining the controls, adding multiplayer functionality, as well as offering several ideas on the direction the game could take in terms of being fast paced or skill based.



On reflection I feel I should have come more prepared to the meeting, as I literally turned up not having played the game or had an research to refer to. Which I believe would have been useful has I could have had a better idea of how the game compared to others, and what about it they should focus on in order to make it unique.

However there were complication with sending a build of the game over to us beforehand and so this was a key reason why I hadn’t completed any preparation work.

I think the suggestions we did give were useful though, especially in terms of adding multiplayer to the experience. As it was advice that was helping to make the game fun which is something they were feeling the game lacked. Therefore I felt that I’d actually helped to solve one of their issues that they needed help with, so we’d done what we needed. This seemed to help make the team more motivated to develop the project too, as people were already planning out tasks for themselves to complete. So I felt the meeting was useful to Sennep in kick starting the process and the game a new direction and drive.

I found the meeting useful in terms of helping me better understand what an industry meeting is like. I was surprised to find how chilled and relaxed the meeting was, as we were drinking during the meeting and there was no clear leader, everyone was free to state their opinions. I found this to be comforting as it is helping to break down the psychological barrier I have in my head about how much of a step up working is compared to uni and how I won’t have the skills or knowledge. However having the meeting made me realise how similar in many respects it was to university and that I shouldn’t be worried about industry as it isn’t as large a step as I am imagining. Therefore I’m starting to feel more ready to having to get a job and be part of a company.

After the meeting it suddenly dawned on me how I was the only woman in the meeting. Even in the studio I think there was only 2 women to about 15 guys. Though this didn’t affect me or worry me particularly, I just made me realise how this would probably be standard for the games industry, due to the high percentage of male workers. I think now it has made the Women In Games experience more meaningful, as going to a studio and seeing the low percentage of women, I can begin to understand what the industry must be like and that I shouldn’t be affect by it, because I have a support network of women in the industry who are here for support. It has made me realise how important the Women In Games events are and how they can bring comfort to women who may be feeling they don’t belong in the industry or they won’t be able to achieve as much success as a man. Though I had planned to go to more Women In Games events, I feel as though this mini epiphany has made it even clearer to me that I should go to more of these events and support other women as much as possible.