Women In Games Event

Photo courtesy of Adam Procter



Today was the day for the Women in Games Award Show Event.

I was uncertain what to expect as I hadn’t attended an event like this before.

Both Bobbie and Adam joined me at the event, so I wasn’t alone. Bobbie and I made it our mission to network and meet others, while trying to promote ourselves and the game. Luckily our business cards, stickers and promotional postcards had arrived in the post the night before, so we were fully prepared to put ourselves out there and invite others to our graduation and to hear more about our game.


The Awards



The awards went off without a hitch. All winners desired their awards, which was inspiring and amazing to see.

Link to all the winners



After the awards we continued to network, where we found an old friend in Vanessa Joyce, from Tiga. She introduced us to many people including, Posy Brew(voice Actress), Dr Jo Twist (CEO of UKIE) and Marie- Claire Issman (Head of Women in Games) among many other. All appeared excited by what we were doing, even Jo expressed how her team would love to play the game at their weekly play testing session, and told us to get in touch. Posy told us of her connections with Hello Games and Vanessa invited us to a charity racing event in London. It was certainly exciting, if not overwhelming to meet all these women and feel so supported by them. It was a great feeling. I will certainly try to stay in contact with all these ladies to keep the connections strong and to utilise the skills we all have to better the community.

Overall Reflection

Looking back over the day, I felt it was a great networking event, as I managed to get introduced to many high profile women in the gaming world, who were egar and interested to hear about us and our game. Which is very useful in terms of getting my name out there and showing people within the industry what I can do, which should hopefully lead me onto a good job perspective.

Also talking to other women, they were all so friendly and welcoming,  I started to become more comfortable with them and feel more at home within the games community. I believe this will be very useful for future, as I won’t feel so nervous or out of place going to other games events later on, as I already have a network and support group built, who I can connect with at these events. Therefore helping me to go to more occasions, so I can connect with more people and hopefully the prospects of getting a job will become even higher.


I found the event as a whole inspiring though particularly the awards, as I felt it showed how hard women within the games industry work and started to give me role models to look up to and aspire to be. It truly gave me something to strive for, especially hearing about the years of work Noirin Carmody (winner of outstanding contribution award) had given to the industry and the journey she had been on. It has made me want to push myself to the same limits and achieve as much if not more than she has. It’s driven my ambition to succeed and advance my skills, which will help keep me motivated to achieve goals in the future.


Overall I would highly recommend others coming to this event, due to the networking possibilities and motivation it can offer. I will plan to try to go to more events in the future, particularly a festival called Develop, that a lot of the women were suggesting I attend. Therefore getting my face and name out there and learning more about the games industry so I become more prepared to work within it.

I will also ensure I am brave and try to talk and meet new people at each event, so I can become connected with a wide spectrum of the community, so more people will know of me and my skills. All helping me obtain a job in the future.