Pop Up Banner Experiments

As part of the marketing for the Norwich Games Festival, I needed to design a pop up banner which we would use at the festival, to draw people into the game.

Gaining the dimensions from creative services (600m x 2000mm) it was then my job to form the design.

Doing some quick research online of what others place onto their banners (shown below), taught me that the name of the game is key and needs to be large and easily visible. A hero image also must be included on the banner, to be a powerful statement and catch people’s attention as they walk past. Adam’s requirement for the banner was to have the Southampton University logo on it, to help advertise the course. Many of the examples below contain a link to a corresponding website and/ or social media handles. I wanted to add these onto our banner



Images collected from Google images, Source 1, Source 2



Below are all the experiments I did for the pop up banner, exploring different layouts, sizes and positions of text. I used this to help me identify what does and doesn’t work, in terms of readability and visual impact.


My Thoughts


  • Lower half of the banner is bare – in comparison to the detailed and
  • Change the University logos to white – in keeping with other font
  • Bare at the bottom – Does it feel unbalanced in-comparison to the top – However I feel it needs to be top heavy, as many of the banners were positioned behind tables, within the images I found on Flickr of the previous Norwich Games Festival. As this banner is only for the festival, it is crucial that they re designed with the game layout in mind. Therefore bing behind the table half the banner will not be visible, so it needs to be top heavy with the the name and hero image of Hurry Hurry Heal Me clear, as these are the most important pieces of information. So reflecting upon the designs now, I believe the bare space adds to the functionality of the banner, by ensuring all key information will be visible above the table.

(link to flickr images of Norwich Festival)



I gained some feedback from Bobbie about my experiments. Aspects she liked:

  • Hurry Hurry Heal Me title at the top
  • Impactful hero image
  • WSA Logo bottom right
  • Social Media links
  • Likes the diamond and line detailing that borders the social media links – However didn’t feel it would work if the links were positioned upper left (just below the floor of the image) as she found the bordered detail cluttered the image. Creating an overly cluttered area in the image, with below that being very bare, creating an unbalanced and uneasy composition. Therefore I may not use these in the developed designs due to them not working in the desired position.

I discussed my feelings about the banner being top heavy with Bobbie. She didn’t feel it was a huge issue, due to it being hidden my the table and all the key information being at eye level, and so felt that it would be more impactful. However, she did suggest that maybe I could extend the floor of the image, to subtly add detail onto the lower half of the banner. To help reduce the bare feeling I had about it.


Developed Designs

Using the feedback from Bobbie and my own reflections on my experiements, I have develoed and refined the designs





Pop Up Banner Source



  • Extending the floor – I believe extending the floor to the full length of the banner, was successful in adding detail to the lower half of the banner, which I feel has helped to reduce the bare feeling of that area of the image. I feel that adding detail has helped to balance out the banner composition, which I felt was slightly top heavy previously, creating for a unbalanced image that didn’t utilise the space to its best potential. I also believe that extending the floor makes the character appear larger and in turn more dynamic. This is useful for the design of the banner by making it more impactful and so it is then more likely that it will catch people’s eyes when they walk past and want to play the game. So I will keep the floor extended for the final design.


  • Colour of University Logos – Looking over the black compared to white University logos, I feel that the white one is far more in-keeping with the aesthetics of the banner compared to the black, simply because all the other text is in white and this is a key branding element to Hurry Hurry Heal Me. However when the floor is extended, it it makes the background of the logos much lighter than before and this makes the logos far harder to read, due to the similarities in font and background colour.  Therefore I feel black font is better suited for the lighter background as the colours contrast more heavily, making the logos much clearer to read from a fair way back and so I will l use this within the final design.


  • Position of Social Media Text – I think the position of the social media text works well as it is in the shadow of the arch, which is effective in ensuring the text is visible. The shadow is a darker background than the floor, and with the font being white, the shadow colour and the white font contrast well, allowing the text to be easily read-able from far away. As if the text was on the lighter section of the floor it wouldn’t be clear enough to read, due to the white font clour being similar to that of the floor. Therefore players wouldn’t follow our social media and so we will gain less support from players. So the position of the text is useful in terms of readability and flows neatly with the image.


Final Design