Updated Plan

Finding out that Hurry Hurry Heal Me has been accepted for the Norwich Games Festival, it was time to get the clogs turning so the marketing and prototype will be finished and ready to be shown.


Updated Kanban Wall

Adam sat down at us and we talked through our plan that we had. He helped us identify what needs to be done and putting dates to everything, to create a clear plan to ensure we are ready for Norwich on Monday the 29th.




At first I found the process a little unnecessary as we had already planned out what needs to be done. But looking back now I think it was the kick I needed, as I had been dawdling along for the last week, not working as hard as I could’ve. So by having deadlines for all the tasks has helped me realise that I can’t dawdle along, there is a lot of finish in order to be ready. the process had helped to push and motivate me to make better use of my time so all marketing is ready in time.

I feel this has taught me that deadlines are key to planning out work, as it is not good enough just set out a task for a week or so, deadlines need to be there to motivate and push me. Therefore in the future I will try to ensure I place deadlines to all my tasks to help keep me on track so deadlines are met.