List of the publishers and link to google docs

With the prototype virtually complete, it was time to look forward and continue the development of the project.

We felt the next stage was marketing and getting the game out there for people to see. Within this marketing stage we also wanted to take the game to the next steps and see if we could gain interest from publishers.

We had discussed this briefly with Adam previously and talked further about it during our marketing discussion at the start of the week and we felt it was the best option. As a team we wanted to experience the process of publishing a game, learning what publishers are out there, what they do and how we get them interested in our game.

So by contacting publishing companies we felt this would help us learn how to publish a game, information which I felt would benefit us in future jobs, as we can then have a deeper understanding of the full developing process, by experiencing the publishing side. Useful in familiarising ourselves with how to approach publishers and sell to them, helping us to be more successful in the future.

I also feel sending our game out to publishers will help us gain feedback on Hurry Hurry Heal Me, discovering what they do and don’t like and also what will and won’t work in the market. Which I think will be useful to know in order to tweak aspects of the game to make it more saleable and successful. Though also help me better understand what publishers are looking for and in turn what sells. Helping to mould my designs in the future to make them more saleable, so a publisher is more likely to fund  and publish the game.

There is also a part of me that hopes publishers will be amazed by the game and want to fund it straight away. I realise that this is highly unlikely, as neither Bobbie or myself have large amounts of experience in the industry and we don’t have the wide network of connections like other developers. However there is still a possibility publishers may like it and if so, Bobbie and I could be starting up our own indie company, which will allow me to keep developing the game and give me a job. Though only time will tell.



Publisher List

Our plan for contacting publishers, is to send them an email briefly explaining the game with a link to our website and a build (if possible). Then a week later we should receive our business cards, stickers and postcards from Moo, which we will send off to perspective publishers to build the interest and help Hurry Hurry Heal Me stand out from other games. Therefore helping us to be seen, which could result in a response from the publisher or even a interest in the game.

Below I have created a list of publishers and related contact information.

As much as possible, I tried to gain the contacts of a employee, as I felt by addressing someone personally would help us appear more professional and keenly interested in the company. As it would show that we have done our research and must be very interested in publishing with them.

To get the contacts I scrolled through LinkedIn and any company websites.


Publisher Contacts