In Game Font Decision

With my design of the logo font finished, it was now time to move onto the image typeface.

In-game the font needs to be extremely readable and clear, unlike the font created for the logo. Therefore I realised an Arabic style font wouldn’t be ideal for the text within the game, as it has too many unnecessary details, in the dot accents and the exaggerated flicks of letters, creating for a more serif calligraphic style, which is known to be difficult to read on screen.

Adam had advised us to use a san serif font, due to that type of font being clearer to read on digitally, caused by simply sans form which can be viewed easier at smaller sizes and lower resolutions, compared to the more detailed serif.

To find a suitable font, I sat down with Adam and we searched Typekit to gain a broad range of possibly fonts to reflect upon and compare. Helping me to identify which ones are easier to read than others and so selecting the most functional for the game.



Here are all the possible fonts we found.





Open Sans










Open Sans

We picked Open Sans because

  • Clear readablity – Though all of them are clear to read, we felt the spacing, thickness of line and curvature of the letters within Open Sans made it more readable than all the others.
  • Digital feel about it – I’m not too sure to to explain this but in comparison to the others I feel Open Sans has a more digitally technical look. I feel it could be due to the use elegant curves but also the straight sharp edges. Therefore its not too childish but not too formal either, a nice balance between the too, which is readable and suits the fun yet elegant style of the game.

Open Sans will be use form all menu and UI elements within the game.