Merchanise Discussion

During the teams weekly scrum meeting, Bobbie came up with the idea of creating an information pack to send to publishers, including business cards, stickers and some sort of invitation to the graduate show.

I thought this was a great idea as it would help us a development team and Hurry Hurry Heal Me to stand out from other games requested to be published. By sending the pack I felt this would show a personal interest in the publishing company, as we have spent the time and money creating the merchandise to send to them. Therefore I thought it would more likely result in a response from the publishers or a visit to the graduate show. All in all I felt the merch pack would help us get noticed and gives us a better chance at getting published, which is our aim.

With the decision made to send out information packs to publishers, we had to add this to our kanban wall and get set on research publisher contacts and creating the merchandise.