User Testing: Session 2 Feedback

Today was our 2nd testing session. The main aims for the session are to:

Test out the new health UI

  • Do players understand it?
  • Do they know the diamond is their health?
  • Are players always aware of how much health they have?
  • Is it too big/ too small?
  • Can players see the colour in their diamond?
  • Are players aware when someone is about to die? – Do they notice the pulsing UI animation


Test out the player shape UI

  • Do players always know who they are and do the shapes help them with this?
  • Can players clearly see the shapes underneath their characters?
  • Do players realise they have a shape?
  • Are the shapes all distinguishable from one and other?


Testing Video

Below is a video that Bobbie and I recorded during the full day testing session.