Reflection: User Testing

A reflection on all the user testing sessions.



  • Useful Feedback
  • Variety of Testers
  • Well Executed 

Reflecting back on the testing, I feel the sessions were well executed as we managed to gain lots of useful feedback from a variety of testers. As well as high quality footage of the sessions for documentation.

I think this is due to the sessions being well planned and organised before the day, so we were prepared with getting filming equipment out, the studio clear and the game with levels ready to be tested. I believe we communicated clearly with one and other about what we wanted to achieve within the session. I feel this was achieved by having a meeting a few days before the event and then a day before to clarify how the session would work and what we both wanted to test. Therefore I think we worked well as a team on the day to get the sessions up and running and gain all the useful feedback that we did.

I think if we carry on communicating and working well as a team, we can achieve the same level of organisation and success in future testing sessions.



  • Better way of documenting feedback on the day

Bobbie and I had to try to remember or go back over footage the next day to know what feedback we had been given. This took time to remember, which wasn;t a huge issue for us, but I think for larger scale testing it could become an issue. As not noting down feedback on the day it could caused us to miss some important pieces of inforamtion that could have greatly helped the development of the game.

Therefore, for future testing, I think we would need to think of a better way of documenting feedback at the time. Whether that’s taking notes or giving out forms to fill out, whatever just something so we have a record on the day that we can refer to, otherwise we would do the testing for nothing.


  • Don’t explain the game

When testing the game Bobbie and I would start off by explaining the game, so players knew the controls and what the purpose and concept of the game is. After this we made a conscious effort to not give tips and only gave advice when asked by the players.

We explained the game initially out of necessity as we hadn’t created any tutorial levels/ screens that would explain the game for us. Looking back now I think explaining the game could have changed how the players responded and understood the game. As if there were just tutorial levels they could have been more confused

For future testing sessions, I think it would be useful to not explain the game and simply let players experience it as if they had just bought it, as this will be a real test as to whether the concept of the game is clear and can be understood by players. I think this would show that our game is ready for market and so at the next stage of development. Tutorial or help screens would need to be made in order for this testing to take place. I don’t feel we would have time to do this for the deadline, though afterwards this would be a useful use of our time.