Adam’s Feedback

At the end of our second play testing session Adam gave us feedback about the next stages of development in the project.

Having played the game through many times Adam felt it was finished, as it was playable and shows the concept of the game. With players having to work together as a team and players’ reactions showing they are becoming stressed and immersed within the game. Therefore he felt we could leave the development of the game from this point on and focus on marketing and trying to publish the game.

Adam suggested that we focus on creating a promotional trailer, process film, updating the website and posting on social media regularly. All these tasks would be useful for advertising and marketing as they help to show the concept of the game visually and can easily be sent across social media and online.


My Thoughts

My initial thoughts on this are I would like to stop develop and focus on marketing, as it is an area of games production that I have never had experience with and so I feel it would be useful to learn for myself personally to learn how to market games. As I think this knowledge will be useful for promoting games in the future, as I will know what does and doesn’t work, therefore I should hopefully have more successfully published games in the future.

Also I think it would be good to put our game out to the world and show companies what we can do. So we either game an audience around the game or job opportunities.

However I think when Bobbie and I discuss the feedback from the testing session on Monday, there will be more development work on the game that could hinder focusing on marketing. So currently Bobbie and I are open to the idea of using the last weeks of the project to market the game. Though we realise that there will likely be refinements that need to be made to the game once we discuss the feedback, and so there may have to be a balance between marketing and final development.