Refer to Sketchbook 3 for the research into UI I did and refer to sketchbook 2 for all the iteration, reflection and development of UI designs.


UI Implementation

Handing my UI design over to Bobbie, she then implemented it into the Unity build. Below is a video of the first iteration of it in game.





  • Health bar too thin – Difficult to accurately see how much health a player has, particularly on a small screen – Means players could begin to strain to see the screen, or not realise a health bar is low. This can become frustrating fro the players as they feel the game is against them and could start blaming the game for their failures. Resulting in a game that isn’t playable or enjoyable. So to solve this issue the black health bar line needs to be thickened, to increase the visibility of the health. I believe this will help to ensure players are more aware of how much health they have left and so the UI is helping them rather than hindering.
  • Diamond shape is function-able and neat – Looking at the UI within the game, I feel the diamond shape is very neat and compact, due to it containing the health and collected colour in one. I believe this is very useful as means the UI takes up minimal space within the screen, so the focus can be on the colours and position of players.




Improved Version

Upon my reflection on the previous version of the UI Bobbie thickened the health bar line of the UI, seen in the video below.




  • Health bar is much clearer – Having increased the thickness of the health bar, I think this has definitely made the bar clearer and easier to see and read on the screen. Which I feel in turn will help reduce any confusion from players as to how much health they have, ensuring the UI helps the game-play and works well for its function.


  • Is the collected colour too small? – Now that the health bar line is thicker then collected colour section is much smaller than it was before. Due to the boldness of the colours I feel they are still visible within the UI as they stand out from the black. However I feel the colours were clearer before when the section was larger. But to make them larger the whole UI would need to also be larger, which I’m concerned about doing as I don’t want the UI to take up too much space on the screen. Currently I feel the UI is at a comfortable size, because it is seen but doesn’t take up too much room. So I worry that increasing the size too much will cause it start to interfere with game-play in terms of seeing colours on the floor, which could become frustrating for players. Therefore I think the this design will be kept for now, but during testing I can gain feedback on the visibility and usability of the UI from players. This will help me determine what changes to make it any.



  • Test the UI in game during our next testing session tomorrow – Gain feedback from players, to know what does and doesn’t work in the UI, to make improvements.