User Testing: Analysis of Session 1 Feedback

After completing our first official play test yesterday, Bobbie and I sat down and discussed the feedback we gained and what we will try to take forward.


Feedback Notes

Below we have listed the key feedback that we gained from the testers.


What will we take forward?

  • End Screen

We decided we would try to implement end screens into the game which contain stats from game-play of who died, who healed the most and who did each player heal the most. We thought this would be important to add into the game as it became clear during the play tests that the players where unsure who died and they wanted someone to in the team to blame. Therefore by having the stats screen at the end of the level, this would allow the players to see the performance of everyone so they could have someone to blame. Which would be useful in creating more interaction as well as stress within players. Though hopefully it won’t break friendships.


  • Character Lobby

During the testing session, the testers would often become confused as to which player they were, due to the colours of their characters changing and all the characters looking similar. Therefore it was hard to distinguish who was who at certain time. Often players would end up thinking they were a different character, while their character was actually running off the screen. This made playing the game difficult and confusing at times, which though the players weren’t discouraged by, I think a system needs to be put into place to make it clearer to players who is who. The testers suggested a lobby or having shapes under each character which a player could identify as their own. We decided to take this on board and will add shapes to the base of the players as a way of indicating who is who within the game, as the shapes will stay consistent and so that is something all players can look at and refer to.


  • Health Warnings

The testers stated that they weren’t always aware that someone was about to die within the game and this caught them off guard in a couple of occasions, when they failed the level without realising it. Therefore we will try to implement either a beeping sound or a flashing animation on the health bar to better indicate when a player is low on health. I believe this will also help to add more stress into the game, as the health warning will trigger an anticipation that a character will die. Therefore adding a panicked and stressed feeling in the players as they quickly try to solve the issue.



  • Add warnings into the game
  • Add shapes under the characters to make it clearer which character is which
  • Start designing the end screen stats.