Switch Controllers

Today was an exciting day indeed, the switch controllers arrived!



Bobbie quickly got to work setting up the Unity project so that it would work for the switch controllers. Within an hour or so she had got them working and I was very impressed at how quickly she did this. Bobbie explained that the controllers use Bluetooth and by turning this on her laptop the controllers connected immediately. The controllers seemed easy to set up for Unity t was only a matter of Bobbie using trial and error to work out which buttons had what name.




I was very excited that Bobbie had got the controllers to work, as being such a new technology I was unsure that there would be any possibility of this, due to the fact that Unity may not have had the time to updated their software to support Switch controllers. However the process was a lot more simplistic then I had imagined.

I think getting the controllers working is beneficial to the project, as we had planned to develop for the Nintendo Switch and getting the controllers working is step within that direction. I think this helps to show that the game is playable with the Switch controllers and so it starts to show evidence that the game concept will work for the console. Therefore indicating to me that so far we are n the right tracks of developing a game for the Switch.

Also I found this moment to get me excited about the project again, all my issues with Maya had drained all my enjoyment out of the game and so I needed this mini success to motivate me again. With my passion for the project back on track, I now feel I want to push the project to its fullest potential, whether this is exhibiting the game at the Norwich Games Festival or trying to publish it, this is something Bobbie and I will need to work out together, but currently I want the game to be a success for both of us.

I think this has taught me that I need to become excited by the mini successes within the project and to not let the challenges outweigh the achievements that are made. Therefore in the future I will try to set mini goals or myself, which I need to become excited by to keep myself excited and driven to complete the project.