Meeting: Sprint 9

Today was our first meeting after Easter. Myself and Bobbie had a chat about what we were meant to achieve and what we actually managed to achieve, in order to get each other up to speed as to where the project’s development is currently at and alter our plans for the next few weeks in accordance with the plans.


Review of Sprint 8


As identified within my Easter break reflection, I had completed a range of marketing image, some finished and half finished. However I didn’t manage to get time to get up to date on my blog and present it better, due to the limited time I had and I had gone a bit over the top with creating marketing imagery, so I was creating more than was necessary but I was enjoying myself doing it. Which I think has helped to get me excited about the project and motivated to want to finish it well over the next month or so. So it has taught me that sometimes it is necessary to take a break and do something you enjoy in the project to keep the momentum of it going.

Sprint 9

Our plan for this weeks sprint. I will need to finish off the marketing imagery that I have yet to complete and finish off my own documenting.