New User Testing Plan


Before Easter Bobbie and I had made a plan to complete 2 testing sessions a week for 3 weeks and then more target focused testing for the last 2 weeks (refer to user testing plan blog post). However now that we are at this stage, we don’t feel this is going to be suitable, as it is simple far too much testing to complete within the time frame we have. We have realised that testing could take half a day/ a day to set up and run, then it will take another day to analyse the feedback and sort out what needs changing. This then leaves very little time to implement changes if there are two sessions a week, as by the time we’ve analysed the feedback of one the next session will need to run the next day. There wouldn’t be time to make considered choices and implement them.


So we have decided to reduce the number of sessions down to just 1 per week, to give us enough time to add in improvement to then test in the next weeks session.


Previously we had planned to do in house testing on other students and then create target audience specific sessions in the last 2 weeks. We have changed our minds about this, we will keep with the in house testing to start with, as this will be a useful way to iron out any bugs or large issues that affect the game-play. However we won’t create specific target audience sessions, as we are planning to go to Norwich Games Festival and hopefully we will get a lot of families and groups of friends to play it there on one day. So to avoid issues with planning out testing sessions and finding a willing family to play, we will hope to be accepted at Norwich and use that day as a full testing session, to gain feedback from and use to develop the game.



  • Plan out what we want to test within our first play testing session
  • Organise a testing session with 4 players