Reflection: Easter Work

Now that Easter is over and I’m back at uni I thought it was a prime time to reflect upon what work I had done since I had been away.

The main plan for my two weeks away was to create some marketing images which could be used for the start screen of the game, as well as for adverts in places like The Edge or online, or for the Norwich gaming festival application. Along side that I was also mean’t to get up to date with my blog and organise it better.

Now lets look over the work I actually managed to achieve, so I have created a range of marketing images some finished some half finished. I still need to finish off one of the main images as I believe this will be the key for marketing due to it containing all 4 characters, highlighting that it is a 4 player game, along with using perspective to create a dynamic and composition through depth.

So though I have produced images I think I went a bit over the top and wanted to create more than were necessary because I was enjoying the work that I was doing.

Though this now means that I still need to finish off work and will have to get this piece of artwork finished which will eat into the designing and testing of the rest of the project. The artwork has certainly helped to make me more excited about the development of the game and reignited my desire to create it. Which I believe should help me to get through these last 5 weeks and produce a game that is of a high quality.


So I think something to remember in the future is that I shouldn’t be restricted by a plan and take a break at times and do what I enjoy, as this will ultimately help to keep me enthusiastic about a project.



  • Have a meeting with Bobbie and get us both up to speed with what each other has done.
  • Plan out what needs to be done over the next few weeks in terms of coding, UI, testing etc to ensure the game is finished.