Marketing Imagery

Having looked through examples of marketing imagery and have identified what is effective and what I want to try to use in my own (explained in my previous post), I will now start to form the imagery.


 Posing Characters

I have decided to use the method of posing the 3D models together, to form a composition that I can then use as reference for the image I create. I found about this way of working from Christian Bravery, as guest brought in by Tiga when we had a talk from them earlier in the year. By using the models I would be able screenshot them in varies different compositions and from different angles. Allowing me to compare the different shots and select and composition I felt was most dymanic and eye-catching. Also by using the models I can their shape/ form,  as well as how the light falls on them. This the gives me less aspects to worry about when I am painting, as the shapes and shadows are already determined for me and I would just need to  focus on getting the right style and colours into the image.


Screenshots/ renders of various poses I have placed the models in and from a range of angles. As planned previously I have tried to get all 4 characters in the shot to show that it is a 4 player game. I have set the characters to a running pose, as I think this is effective in adding energy to the piece, helping to indicate the fast paced nature of the game. Finally I have tried to use perspective in the poses to help make the composition more dynamic and immersive, by making the viewers feel like they in the environment and the characters are about to burst out of the screen to them. Which I think is important for marketing shots as you need something that is bold to catch a person’s attention, to get them to ask questions and become excited by the game.




Finished Marketing Shots

Using some of the screenshots above as reference, I have then created a series of marketing shots that can be used for advertising the game and sending off our application for Norwich Games Festival.



 – Using the block colour inspired by Super Meat Boy Imagery – Character blends into the background colour  – Colourful imagery