Examples of Marketing Compositions

My main task for this sprint is to form imagery for the game which could be used for marketing purposes. To help kick that off, I have collected a range off marketing shots from a range of games, though I have tried to keep it to similar style and audience games, to help me produce imagery that will appeal to the target audience.



  • Action shot – filled with colour – Get a sense of fast paced nature of game due to the flying paint and the poses of the characters, which are leaning heavily getting the sense that these characters are running around fast
  • Dynamic – use of perspective with the paint flying out at the viewer – helps to draw the viewer into the image and become intrigued and excited by the battle



  • Character line up – Not as dynamic or visually exciting at the action shot above but clearly gets the concept across that there are two teams battling each other
  • Again the use of perspective to add depth – draw the viewers eyes into the centre of the image as this is the focal point








  • Mulitple images in one – close up, hand shot and then far away – Close up shot is good as it allows you to see the focus and tension in players eyes
  • No image of the gameplay just of the players – maybe this is something I could do, as half the game is the interaction between players.





  • Unique angle – dynamic – could I do this for HHHM


  • Arena background – helps gives clues to what the game world is like and the game
  • Perspective again – One character is the focal point the other in the background
  • Action shot – in game – excited to play



  • Characters bursting out of a central point – dynamic – over the top


  • Title shot – Contains a separate style to the game but still has connected imagery
  • Block coloured background


  • Action shots – characters interacting with one another – Looking or chasing each other – Gives this sense that it is multiplayer as there is a clear connection between the drivers
  • Different locations- Indication that there are several levels to the game



Edge Magazine

Going through multiple issues of the Edge magazine to find more example of marketing imagery.



What Will I Take Forward?


  • Use of perspective – I want to take this forward as I feel it is effective in adding depth to the image, which I feel helps to make it dynamic and eye catching, due to the characters appearing like they are about to run out of the screen. – more interest and excitement in the game.
  • Action shot – I feel having an action shot of the characters running would look dynamic, as it would add energy to the imagery, helping to convey the fast paced nature of the game.
  • Block Colours – I also like the use of block colours in the background shown in the Super Meat Boy Poster. I realise this creates a flat 2D image, however as Hurry Hurry Heal Me is all about colour, I think having a whole screen of colour with a character within it would definitely show the colourful side of the game.

Whats am I trying to show in the marketing imagery

  • 4 players
  • fast-paced, exciting, stressful, action gameplay
  • family friendly
  • healing?
  • Colour
  • Patterns – Art Style – Moroccan feel



How can i show this within imagery?

4 players

  • 4 characters in the image – one in each corner, in a line, coming out the centre to each corner
  • 4 images each with a character in

Fast paced

  • Characters running – depth – running from the background
  • Action poses
  • Blurring – focus blur – focus on one character? – would this remove the 4 player feel?

Family Friendly

  • Bright colours
  • Nothing offensive or violent
  • Colourful


  • Health icons – Too cheesy?
  • Characters helping each other – picking each other up – Would this give the wrong impression of the game?