Studio Visit Reflection: King

Having signed a wager I’m unsure how much I am allowed to say about the studio talk but we had different guest discuss the capabilities of Defold, (King’s public game engine), so I will reflect upon it instead of giving details.


Reflecting upon my visit to King I found it useful just going into the studio and being able to see how the company studios, as the very open light feeling gave me a sense that the company had a very contemporary feel and staff could easily see and communicate with other members, due to all walls being glass. So this gave the feeling of an open and supportive community within the company. Made me feel excited that maybe I’d want to work there in the future.

Also I feel just seeing inside of the offices will help me to identify what exactly it is like in a games studio, which I think will help to prepare me for future visits or interviews. As I will know what I am expecting and so won’t become stressed out by not knowing what I will be expecting which could ruin my chances of a job.

Unfortunately I thought the event was going to be more of a workshop where the developers would be teaching and explaining how to use Defold, due to the imagery on the Eventbrite page suggesting this, though it wasn’t. The event was just a series of talks and sadly they were all very technical and half of what was being said I didn’t understand and was zoning out because of this. So I don’t feel I gained a lot from the talk and I would’ve been very annoyed if I had gone all the way up to London just for that, thought luckily EGX Rezzed was a far more benefical event and made up for this one.

Perhaps in the future I should email the company asking more questions about the event before I turn up and it is a completely different event to the one I expect. Some more forward planning would be better in the future.

However overall if nothing else it was very interesting seeing inside of the studio and something I can certainly sign off of my bucket list. Also it was great meeting other people and networking, and simply getting our names and ideas out their for other people to hear about. I would recommend others going to the event though only if they are truly interested in the technical side of the game engine and understand all of the terminologies.