Norwich Gaming Festival Decision

During our day at EGX Rezzed Bobbie and I spoke to Phil and Oli the creators of Overcooked, they gave us advice on how to take the game to the next step, suggesting we try to user test our game a lot and in particular take it to the Norwich Gaming Festival. As it is a free charity driven event they thought it would be good for us to attend especially as we are students and don’t have a fast amount of funds. They explained that it would be a good place to get genuine feedback on the game, by having people who don’t know anything about the game or gaming in general to play the game. It would really help us to understand how people will use and interrupt the game and get a far greater understanding of what we need to do to improve it.


So from this advice I have researched into the Norwich gaming festival,  I discovered that the event is completely free and so it is free to exhibit. It is between 29th May – 3rd June, which would be good for as we should hopefully have a more polished prototype, but would leaving it quite tight, especially for our deadline.

They are currently still taking applications for exhibiting games, however I believe we need to game to be more polished as we need to show a video of the gameplay, as well as screenshots of it. Also there is an age rating which we need to consider, as it asks us how the game is for and currently I would say everyone though I think we would need to look up the specific video game age guidelines in order to confirm this. So overall I’m feeling there will be a lot of work to get this ready for the end of May, especially with all the other work for hand in we need to do. However I do believe it is do able, though it just may be a very tight schedule and there is no guarantee that the effort we put into the game will get us a confirmed space.

I think the next step would be to talk to Bobbie and Adam about this and see if we think we have enough time to get this done. Also I could contact the organisers of the festival to ask them a few questions, as currently there is no end date for applications, therefore I’m not sure how late we can apply, whether it is simple a first come first served basis or their will be a cut of date later on. Also ask whether we can apply twice, as we could apply now and then again in a month when we have more of a polished prototype to show.

Application Site


Overall this seems like a perfect opportunity for us to get the game out there and start to form an audience around it, as well as just learn about how to exhibit our work professionally and the process of that. I feel it would be a great opportunity to exhibit at the event and I hope we can work out some way to get there.


Application Form





  • Talk to Adam and Bobbie – D0 we think we can do this?
  • Contact the organisers and ask questions about application date and applying twice.