Design Decision: Texturing


Having had time to look at the patterned textures now, I don’t actually feel they are necessary. The colours are what is key, they need to be seen. Texture isn’t key, it is an add on. At this stage in the project I don’t feel that adding a texture to the characters is important, it doesn’t add to the game play in any capacity, it is simply for aesthetics. Majority of the textures I experimented with were so highly detailed that the pattern was barely visible. Once players are manically running around the screens, I don’t even think the patterns will even be seen and if they are, I think they will just make the colours on the characters harder to see, due to the various in texture creating shading on the character.

It is for these reasons that I won’t be taking the texturing of the characters any further. A simply block colour is all that is needed for the game to function and so texturing is not necessary.