Pattern Experiments


Bump Map Experiments

I have created a series of bump maps from techniques learnt from Lynda tutorials (shown in my previous post), where I have experimenting with a range of different patterns, to help me identify which of the designs work best as a texture on a 3D model.

All pattern images are either from the Pinterest board I created or the Sacred Art Of Geometry website, unless specified otherwise.



Bobbie’s Pattern



Bobbie’s Pattern




  • Very faint barely visible






  • Not visible









  • Shapes deformed too much – not visible what the pattern is.























  • Looking over all of the patterns I don’t think any of them work particularly well as a bump map on the skirt, because they’re all heavily distorted, which I believe is caused by a unedited UV map. I feel the pattern textures look badly l made, due to the shapes of the patterns being stretched forming irregular and nondescript shapes, creating a random set of lines rather than a pattern. Therefore I don’t feel they add anything to the model if anything take away from the high quality finish of it. This has made me question whether having a bump map texture is the right way to go and if textures are needed at all. I will think about this more and consider whether add textures is important to the game.