Modelling: All Characters

With the animations fully completed, I had time to model the other 3 characters. To save time I used the same body as the first model and made few alterations to add originality to the characters, though mostly the bodies of all of them are the same.


Character 2

Experimenting with Tassel Position

  • During this I was considering what position would be best for seeing the detail and no affecting the animation
  • Thought the back would be best – more visually appealing – As the player loks at the back more often than the front and so I feel that having it at the back would
  • However there is little interest at the front and if the player turns around then there is little interest and I’m worried that this will not be an interest character design.
  • In my initial concept the character has the tassel to the side of the character but I feel this looks odd when rigid  and stopping it from being an issue for the animations (eg gong through the body when running) I think I need to have it quite far away from the body but this looks odd – why is there such a rigid object coming out the side of the character. In the real world it should be fabric but as nCloths don’t work in Unity there is no point creating that and so the tassel need to be rigid.





  • In my original concept the face of the character has a cut away but its eyes – Simulate the turban face covers in the Moroccan culture – cut out sits for the eyes


The left one – Similar shape to the concept art but it looks like the character is really scared or upset but the straight mask looks far more neutral – emotionless – Better for the character






Character 3






Character 4