On my sprint list this week was researching and experimenting with texturing.

In terms of texturing, my initial plan was to add geometric patterns to the characters, as a way of deepening the connection they have to the Moroccan aesthetic. I also thought adding texture would help the characters to stand apart even more, especially if each character has their own pattern which they can be distinguished by. Therefore it wouldn’t just be the headdress that help to distinguish the players but a patterned texture too. I thought this would be beneficial as there would be 2 types of differences between characters, helping to ensure players know exactly who each of them were.


Texturing Research

To start off I researched and explored how to texture and the different techniques used for it, from a tutorial on Lynda. Having never textured anything before I did this to help me get up to speed with the basics, that way I could then start to explore and experiment with different types of textures, colours and materials. As well as helping me understand what is and isn’t possible with texturing, to ensure I don’t become over ambitious with it and despondent when I can’t texture how I imagined.


Here is a video of me following Lynda tutorials on texturing and trying out some of the techniques myself.


Texturing A Character

Having learnt the basics through Lynda, I think transferred those skills and knowledge onto my own characters.

Testing out different materials on maya

  • Lambert is the most appropriate – I feel the others are far too shiny – the character is human like and humans aren’t shiny.



Testing out bitmaps, bum maps, and colours – Adding patterns to the character



Bump Maps – Creates the illusion of a bumped texture on the surface of the model – Though it is simply a flat texture with shading

Bitmap – Covers the model in image – Doesn’t remove colour or add any 3D element to it like a bump map


Testing in Unity

  • Used purple from game colour palette
  • Bump Map doesn’t appear and neither does the tassle colour on the leg



Why doesn’t the texture appear?

I conducted research to help me find out why the texture on the character appears in Maya but doesn’t in Unity





I need to export the bump map as a separate texture and add it into Unity, then add it onto the character.




  • Create a series of bump maps, using different patterns for textures, to identify which patterns create the clearest and most effective textures.
  • Research more into bump maps and how exactly to export them as texture in order to get them into Unity.