Animation 16: Creating Turn Animation

Having selected the specific turn for the character and explains the reasons behind my decision, I then went on to create the animation within Maya.


Below is a screen record showing the process I used to create the turn animation, using the gif of me for reference.



Turn Options

During the creation process, I formed 2 different turn animations, one was almost identical to the video of me and other other one exaggerated the turn, by lower the body of the character close to the flow. Here are the two different animations I formed.

Original Turn


Exaggerated Turn


  • Original turn = natural – It has a bounce to it – Looks like the natural springiness of the legs – realistic
  • Original Turn – Has a lean using the core of the body – shows the forces pushing the model forward due to the momentum, but the character is fighting against it and turning in the opposite direction – Correctly showing forces at play – realistic
  • Exaggerated turn – The leading leg twists unnaturally when the character is pushing off the floor – Looks like it is dislocated – not natural – not realisitic
  • Exaggerated turn – No power or sense of force/ tension – turns too quickly and doesn’t lean into the turn, there isn’t the same feeling of force and power like there is in the original turn – lacks force – lacks dynamic – lacks realism



Original Turn – I have chosen this turn as I feel it appears more realistic and natural that the edited design, due to the sense of force and power created by the character leaning into the turn and pausing before propelling itself in the other direction. Therefore I feel this shows that the character is having to battle against its initial momentum force, in order to turn around, which helps to create a natural looking movement. The exaggerated turn not only lacked all force, but also the limbs were in the wrong position/ facing the wrong direction, with legs appearing as though they were twisting and dislocating during the turn. This doesn’t create for a natural looking turn with is needed for a human-like creature, it is simply odd and off putting. Therefore I definitely feel the exaggerate turn isn’t suitable and the original one has far greater realism and potential.


Adding Weights and Refining

  • Thinking about refining the the end of he walk to match the start of the looped run cycle




Testing In Unity

Here I have simply tested the turn in Unity by swapping it with the walk animation, just to make sure it works. As currently the Animator is not set up for a turn animation to be triggered, however I still wanted to test the animation within the game to ensure it worked smoothly and there were no major issues that needed to be changed, so I simpy swapped the animations.




  • Quick turn – I think it’ll be quick to respond to users controller input – it will feel responsive – players won’t need to wait for a long turn animation to happen – suitable for its function.
  • The character slides around once it has turned which gives the impression the characters are in a floor of ice. There needs to be a way of locking the point the player turns at. However I’m sure if this happens because the animator isn’t set up properly and the animation wouldn’t slide if an turning state was created within the animator. I think the animator would need to be set up with a turn state before a solution could be found, as the animator may solve the issues or not.


  • Hand the turn animation over to Bobbie and see if she can get the turn animation set up within the Animator.