Decision on Turning Animation

Here I have selected some of the turn animations, which I feel would be most suitable for the game and the design of the characters. I have tried to think about whether the turn was simple and short enough to fit into a couple second gap, between the player inputting on the controller to turn the character and then being able to run again. Also I tried to think about whether the turn had feminine qualities to match the characteristics of the female characters, along with if the turn helped to indicate that the character was running quickly.


  • I feel the drop of the shower is an effective way of indicating that the character is moving very fats, as the momentum has pushed the body forward even when the legs are still.
  • Too long – needs to be simpler and shorter to work within the few second time frame that is allocated.



  • Like the look of a character jumping into a turn, as you get the sense that the character is going so fast that they have to jump into the turn into have the momentum to push against the forward forces to push them back up.
  • However it s longer – animation needs to be short – there’s only a couple of seconds for the turn to take place


Final Decision


I decided to choose this turn animation because:


  • Simplistic – Arms remain behind the body, unlike many of my other experiments. Which I think will be effective for the turning animation, because players will quickly change direction on the controller and they won’t want to wait for a long turning animation to take place before they can carry on with their game. It needs to simply indicate a turn and nothing more, otherwise it will become too long for the turns.
  • Angular – I like the angular nature of the turn, with the lead leg bending forming a solid angular base for the character to push off from and the trail leg straight forming a triangular pose. I think this is very dynamic due to the strong angles in it and I think it will work well with the long legs of the characters. Though I think it could be made into an even stronger pose by having the character lower further to the ground, to show how strong the forward momentum is and helping to exaggerate the fast speeds at which they are going. All adding to the fast paced nature of the game.
  • Feminine – I feel the turn has a feminine quality to it, which I think is due to the straightened leg, creating an elegant line. I think would successfully suit the characters, as they all contain feminine qualities themselves due to their curvaceous and elongated designed. Meaning the turn will help to add to their elegant characteristics.