Turning Experiments

A series of videos I created showing my experimentation into how the character may turn in the game to, thinking about foot placement, angles, expression and position of the arms and head.


Basic Turn Around

  • Straighter following leg – More angular – triangular – Not natural  Not as much force behind it.
  • Like bum flipping out


  • Dead stop then move off – Less power/ force in the turn


  • More forceful and natural turn – slight slide on the turn – shows the momentum the character was going in – Give impression the character was going fast


  • Thinking about more angular and dynamic stance to push off from – Having a straight leg – Suit the elongated and elegant feel of the characters


  • Trying to get a straighter more dynamic looking leading leg – Not natural – Doesn’t feel like a strong push off which you get from a bent leg


  • Starting to consider what the arms should be doing – Arm swish with the momentum of the player


  • Needs to be faster – More forceful


  • Bobbie likes – in capulates the others above



  • Why would her arms stay up – Looks unnatural


  • Like the character ducking down into the turn – More natural – Force – However still unsure about the arms flowing behind – Feel they could show more force and gusto

  • Cat-like

Too much emphasis on hands

  • Too unnatural – due to the arms staying behind the body – But I think the power of the shoulder is good in showing the force the character needs to turn – Better shows the speed at which the player is running –


  • Throwing arms down shows more force but I’m unsure if this looks like more the character is ducking that turning


Experimenting on the other leg



  • A lot of power and force into the turn – then the turn is a little lo


  • too seductive?


  • Jumping into the turn – dynamic – playful – creates a angular pose.


– Wipe the arms around gives the illusion of more force – Not sure it works when trying to get the arms back behind the character – looks forced and unnatural


  • Less angular jump turn


  • Too simple



  • Looks more like I’m trying to grab something off of the ground


  • Too small not expressive or dynamic enough – won’t work with the long run stride



  • One arm down, one arm behind – Make it look more natural for the character’s arm to come back to the behind the character position.


  • Jumping it a arm down and up



  • Whipping the arm around – Needs to be quick and with more force



  • Back stroke arms – elegant and natural way to get the arms behind the character again for the run


  • Trying to be expressive with the head body – Show more expression in the run – Like there is too much momentum and the body is still moving forward flies ahead – Better illustrate how fast the character is moving.



  • More power to the head and body falling


  • Maybe the head and arms should fall to the side instead of down as this is the direction of the character’s momentum – Make it look more natural


  • Using shoulders to turn direction – More natural – Exaggerated but still don’t like the expressive arms


  • Combining arms elements







Bobbie feedback


Keep arms behind -Animation will be too long in game if the hands go down – maybe keeping the arms behind is better for the game in – I know it look unnatural but will work better for the game  

Don’t jump in as the turning animation will be too long – Keep it short and as simple as possible 



  • Select a turn animation from the ones above and create this animation in Maya using the high poly model.