Formative Feedback



Today I had a meeting with Adam to discuss the progress of the project so far.


Adam’s Suggestions:

  • Re-plan Easter
  • Move onto UI after finishing the animation
  • Lantern could form UI instead of the animation and so this solves a lot of issues of having to re do the animations or add them into the turn.
  • Test UI thoroughly – Look at User Testing link on Slack, A/B testing – showing different screenshots – Ask on Instagram
  • Gain a high quality screen shot to test UI ontop of – A/B testing – showing different shots to people and gaining feedback.
  • Experiment with unique UI elements – Maybe don’t even need the lantern – perhaps it is a part of UI
  • Think of other ways to show health – Not a bar – Circle that grows and shrinks – OR a triangle that decreases in size
  • Look into Noun Project, Icon Handbook and Simple Book (Bobbie may have) to think about how to bring health down into its simplest form – Be CREATIVE!!
  • Use Flash or Synfig to create animation experiments

Overall he thought I had been working hard and was gaining all the necessary research in order to help inform my decisions and the animations I am creating. So I’m feeling positive about that.


What Will I Take Forward

  • Lantern UI
  • Iterations and experimentation of UI elements – Be creative
  • Testing of UI – A/B testing
  • Research into how to simplify information down – Simply Book



  • I found speaking to Adam useful as he helped me think about solutions to issues in new ways and what was and wasn’t necessary.  I had become so caught up in trying to add a 3D lantern into the model that I had never really thought about the option of not having one at all. During the talk we discussed the idea of having the lantern as more of a piece of UI than an actual assets. I feel this makes sense as he lantern will contain the healing colour so players will always need to see it, whereas if the lantern is attached to the players it will move around the screen all over the place and won’t always be clearly visible to the players. Therefore having it as more of a UI element should allow the player to always see what colour they have, making it clearer for them, and hopefully helping the player to focus more on communicating and getting stressed at each other than getting frustrated at the game. So from this I plan to have the lantern as a UI element and so I won’t need to focus on experimenting or adding lanterns into the 3D animations. Solving the issues of having to remake the walk animation for the lantern and working out the lantern before forming animations.


  • I think keeping Adam in the loop a lot more about the project has allowed him to better understand what both Bobbie and I are doing, what we have done and what specifically we are aiming for. And so I have found the meetings more useful over the last month due to his better understanding. So I hope this continues even over Easter so that the feedback stays relevant.




  • The plan is to focus on the animation and then form a plan for the UI, but I will be something along the lines of researching into UI, finding many game examples and identify what has been done and does and doesn’t work. From there sketching out some UI designs that use the examples I have found. Moving on further to researching into how to simplify the information, as well as finding inspirational iconography that may help the UI be more creative. From there start forming screenshots and placing the UI and begin to get feedback. Refine the designs and start to test ore in game. Overall doing lots of interaction and testing to get the UI right.


  • In terms of animation I feel I am still on track to get them finished by the 6th of April even though I am currently behind, because I no longer have to recreate the walk or experiment with lanterns and so I have more time to focus on getting the animation right and learning how to add textures. Therefore I don’t feel I need to re-plan my Easter just each day slightly adjust the times I have and try not to stress out too much.