Modelling: High Poly Model

Today I created a new high poly version of the character model I’d been using. Why did I do this, I hear you ask. Well. I had been toying with the idea of recreate a high poly version (like the initial model) as I felt the low poly model looked unfinished, due to the harsh strongly defined polys, creating a basic underdeveloped feel to it.

I decided to ask for feedback from others about which version they preferred, high or low. I would then use their feedback to give me a final decision as to whether a new high poly model should be created.



I gained feedback from several students in the studio.

Low or High Poly?


  • High poly – Looks more refined – Creates smoother more curved lines which better suit the curvaceous nature of the characters
  • High poly – Looks more alive/ real – A smoother line makes it appear more human-like which helps to add a believe-ability to the model that it could be a real creature – Helps form a more realistic game-world – higher realism of the characters – More immersive



High Poly Decision

After the feedback I have decided to create a final high poly model that will be used within the game. Using the feedback I have decided this, because I feel the high poly model created for a smoother silhouette, which compliments the curvaceous nature of the character design. Therefore I feel high poly enhances the design, whereas the low poly is far too angular and has a chunky feel that ruins the elegant curves in the character designs. For these reasons I will create a high poly model.



Here is the high poly model which I shall add the walk animation from the low poly model to.