Mind The Film Workshop

Today we had a talk from Mind The Film, who will be helping us form a process film of our everyone’s game. I learnt about the different ways of telling a story through film, as well as finding out about specific technical skills to help me understanding the best camera, lens and settings to use when filming. Below are my notes




Somerset House

Collaborative approach – Making a film with them.

Film – Show the narrative around the game – why is it cool – Takes same amount of time as making the game

Show process of project on film – Shows you – What is your USP

Tell the story and provide context – Does the product solve a problem?

  • Show and tell
  • Interviews
  • Documentary


Filming Making techniques

  • The Approach – No planning – natural or Lots of planning  (either plan whats there or imagine what we what to film in our mind and film that)


  • Thinking about getting excited by the technology
  • Having a problem at the beginning and solving that during the film – Improving the links of people
  • Films are about empathy – Need to connect with people within the film
  • Create empathy through social interaction – Showing how this is solved within the game
  • Instead of technology being a personal thing, it actually brings people together.

Watch Abstract – Netflix – Use this to help with the film – how to film certain parts of the process – see what that is.


Website for sound





  • Whats it like on the course
  • How are we?
  • What are our design processes.


How to film?


Lighting is key!

Histograms are key – Make sure light is in the middle of graph


Notes on Camera and Filming





Looking back over the talk, I found it to be very useful as it helped me to understand different directions we could take the process film, whether it is more about showing off the personalities of Bobbie and I or the process of the game. Previously I’d just assumed it would be a film that showed our process, eg screen captures and pans of us in the studio. However now I realise how boring and sterile this could be, because anyone can show a film of making a character or a bit of code but that doesn’t show why the game is original or exciting to play. So from the talk it has made me realise how highly beneficial it would be for us to add more personality into the film, to truly show how innovative the concept it and add interest in our product. When Bobbie and I are collecting film over the next few weeks I think we need to try to gain footage that has strong personality to it, which shows the excitement or ourselves and players.

I also found learning the technical skills helpful as a lot of it made me aware of how I should specifically set up a scene for filming, such as lighting positioning, lighting settings, aperture, iso, focus, type of lens, what mics to use and how. Learning about all these elements made me feel more confident in how to film, as well as ensuring what I do film will be of a high quality and be usable.

I think this workshop was very useful and I would advice Adam to set this up again next year. However I think this would have been more useful at the start of the semester as there has already been a lot of process which though I have tried to film, they aren’t to the same quality of what would be expected and so I feel those moments of creation are lost and can’t be recreated. Meaning I don’t have video documentation of the whole semester which would show the full development and progress I made during the project. Having the workshop sooner would have given me this filming knowledge sooner, so that I could then have captured more of the journey of the project. Helping to create a higher quality process film for my project.

But overall I am feeling very inspired to start properly filming this project and showing the skills and process Bobbie and I use.