Meeting: Sprint 7

Today Bobbie and I had a sprint meeting to plan out what we were going to do this week and over Easter.

With the last week being set aside for reflective journal work neither of us had worked much on this project and so there was little to discuss about the development of the project as there was very little progress. Therefore we focused on what we wanted to achieve for the future.

Earlier in the morning I had formed a plan of what I needed to do for Easter in order to finish off the animations (explained in a previous blog post). I showed this to Bobbie and explained my plan and what I was aiming to achieve. Highlighting that I would stop animating after the 6th April and that the last 2 weeks of the Easter break I would be focusing on my own documentation. Bobbie was happy with this and so I will be sticking too this plan.

Bobbie wasn’t sure exactly what her goal for Easter would be, because she is currently focusing on level design with the coding being given to James to help reorganise, so everything is all a bit up in the air at the moment. However she doesn’t have a strong background in level design and is not entirely sure how long it will take her to learn and produce levels. We had a brief discussion and stated that we thought she’d be able to get some rough level design experiments finished by the middle of Easter which can be tested when we get back to uni. The 2 weeks at the end of Easter Bobbie will be on holiday and so no work will be done then, which I think is perfectly fine as I will be focusing on my own work rather than developing anything further for the game too.


Sprint 7

From the discussion I then updated the kanban wall shown in the photos below.