Reflection: Back on Track

Well reflective journal is finally handed in and it can all be forgotten about, woo!!

I can now spend all my efforts on the project, which I feel is long over due.

Animating this character has been taking me over a month so far and its not getting any easier nor do I feel much more confident with it. There is so much to learn which I hadn’t realised and so many issues that I’ve had to solve, from the rig not working to the character completely deforming. I’m some what proud of myself that I’ve kept at it even through tears and stressful nights. It certainly hasn’t been easy but I’ve got this far through hard work, research and trial and error, I simply need to keep pushing on to get it done.

I’ve been feeling behind and demotivated by animating, which i think is because on our timeline we majorly underestimated how long it would take me to learn to model and animate, which makes me feel like I’m lagging behind and greatly slowing the project down, even when I’m trying my hardest to keep up. Certainly better planning and knowledge of the task before planning would have helped to form a realistic aim and make me feel less behind. But we really didn’t know how long it would take and took an educated guess, but at least I will know next time for other projects.


To help me now finish off the modelling and animating, I think I need to break down my tasks into smaller ones, to make me feel like I am actually achieving something. Small wins. Therefore by having small wins each day this should help me to feel like I am progressing and the task is getting smaller, rather than being overwhelmed by the large task at hand. So I plan to write down everything that needs to be done and break it down into smaller tasks and place it onto the kanban wall and use it to show what I have completed and what I still need to do.