Easter Plan

Within my previous reflection, I stated how I was feeling overwhelmed with what I needed to do and I thought breaking down the large task of animation down into small tasks would give me more motivation to keep going. Therefore I have written down a long list of everything I feel needs to be down with the character animations.

What needs to be done?

List of everything that needs to be done.


When does everything need to be done?

Having made a list of everything that I need to do, I then went through the list identifying which tasks where of most importance due to them affecting other parts of the game or needing to be done before other parts of animation.

From this I then formed a plan of what needs to be done each day from now until the end of Easter, which helped me work out what exactly was possible within the time frame, as well as giving me a clear set of goals to aim for.


During Easter I will be at uni for 2 weeks and home for 2 weeks. At home I don’t have access to any modelling equipment and therefore I won’t be able to model or animate the characters. Because of this I have planned to finish all of that before I leave on the 6th April, and have set myself a cut of point of whatever is done then will not be changed and that is what will be within the game. I did this as  I can go on refining the animations forever but there are many more things to sort out before I get to that stage and its better I get the basic animations in there and then work more on to UI for example and get that up to a good standard too. So the 6th is my cut off and from there I will be catching up with documentation and doing some marketing shots.

Within the plan I have had to remove forming a healing stance and idle animation because there simply isn’t the time to make them. I felt these were the least important tasks out of all of them, because they don’t fundamentally affect the game-play and would only be an extra. Therefore they have been removed from the plan currently, though if I do have time they can be completed as an extra, but I don’t think I will.