Reflection: Skip Animations + Broken Rig


Today I had a melt down. Having added the skips into Unity and tested them out, they just didn’t work. Why would a character skip if they were rushing around trying to heal each other, they should be sprinting. It just doesn’t suit the fast paced concept of the game.

I’ve gone about this animation all wrong and have made completely the wrong decision as to the direction I’ve taken it in. I seemed to have got so wrapped up in trying to show a fun, playful and elegant character, that I haven’t considered the concept of the game and how the animations function should be to bring the character to life in the game-world, meaning it needs to tie into the fast paced nature of the game. Characters need to sprint from A to B, to skip leisurely.

Well I’m feeling particularly upset and disheartened by the whole thing now. I realise it is my mistake for not considering the animations in context with the entire game, but having spent so much time working on them, it’s hard to see the work go up in smoke.

I need to pull myself together and solve this, but I can’t. The rig is no longer working now and I genuinely have no idea why. I haven’t saved it differently or done anything out of the ordinary, it just won’t let me move the rig.

I’m currently in a moment of utter melt down, but Bobbie is doing an amazing job of supporting me, not can see code but she can deal with me freaking out at her.

I need a break from modelling or I don’t think I will want to carry on this project much more. I think calming down and stepping back from the issue for a while will help give me fresh eyes on it and hopefully I will find a solution. So for now, I will turn my attention to designing and design the 4th character in the game, to keep myself distract but busy.

In terms of skip animations I have definitely learnt to not just think about the animations as a way of expressing a character’s personality, but also its function within the context of the entire game. In the future I need to ensure my design decisions refer to the game context whenever a decision is made, to ensure it will work for the game and it won’t need to be redone later down the line.