Animation 11: Setting Up the Animator in Unity

Previously I had tested out the running animation on Unity. I work upon what Bobbie had already set in place, and simply dragged and dropped the new animation into the Animator. However this didn’t create for a realistic run, as there wasn’t a smooth start and finish to the running, the player got up to a full run immediately and could stop straight away.

Within Adam’s feedback a while ago, he had suggested cutting the animation into a start, middle and end and then adding these into Unity as separate. Then a start animation could be played the character is getting up to speed, the middle animation played when they are a full speed and an end animation when the player puts not input in. I wanted to do this as I felt it would create a smoother and more realistic feel to the animations, as it would show the character progressively building up to a high speed run or slowing down from one, which is what happens in real life. I feel adding this realism to the animations would benefit the game, by making the characters feel alive and more believable, helping to give a sense that the game world is also real. Which I think is important in helping people relate and connect with the characters, all building a deeper sense of immersion and enjoyment.

Also I feel it will help to add an extra layer of polish to the game, making it look and feel more professional.


Speaking To James

To help me set up the smooth transitions between the start, middle and end animations, I initially created a set of new states in the Animator and tried to link them up to form a flow diagram. However once I opened Bobbie’s code and tried to understand and use it, I became a little bit lost and was unsure how to progress, as I simply couldn’t understand it.

I initially asked Bobbie to talk me through the code and help me try to figure out how to get it to know when to play the start animation, the middle and end animation. With both of us having little experience with the animation within Unity, we didn’t have much luck, we were unsure of the base logistics of how what was being record to tell the Unity to switch from one animation to another.

To help me out I spoke to James about the issue, he suggested we use the controllers input to tell Unity what animation to use. If a controller has an input then the start walk animation will play, once that input exceeds a certain value the walk animation will start, lastly once the value goes below a certain value the end animation will play. The animation is working in a circle diagram and using the controllers input numbers as its triggers.

Setting Up The Animator

Below is a screen record of James and  setting up the Animator in Unity


Screenshot of James’ code that he placed into the project to get the animator to use the input of the controllers.


Animation – Unity Animator Working

A screen record showing the animator is working, with the start, middle and end animation working smoothly.



  • Finesse run
  • Add skirt to the run