Animation 12: Skirt with Walk

With the animator all set up and easily editable. I got about adding the final touches to the animation, which is adding the skirt to the character.


Adding The Skirt to The Run

Using the same method I used for creating a skirt previously, I added it onto the model. From there I did some research (seen on the video) of how to animate the nCloth. The nCloth can have a range of different properties, which are easily editable, there are also some prepared materials with set proprieties that can be used. These properties affect the weight of the material, friction it has with the air, its elasticity, etc, basically they can all effect the way the material will move. In the video I experimented with all the different prefab materials, as well as tried varying with different properties myself.


Material Choice

  • Though I had learnt in my research how each property affected the the movement of the nCloth, with so many different variables it was difficult to know how exactly to get a cloth like flow to the fabric, but still rigid enough to keep the skirts shape.
  • None of the material options animated how I had imagined – cloth scrunched up the fabric and it became more of a cape flapping around – nothing quite had a rigid material feel to it except the plastic
  • I decided to use the plastic material for the skirt as thought it doesn’t have floaty elegance that cloth would, none of the other materials would keep the skirts shape, they would either stretch, expand or scrunch up. The skirt would become virtually unrecognisable in all of the materials apart from plastic. So I thought it was more important for the skirt to keep its shape, as it would ensure a realism and constancy, therefore players won’t get distracted by a skirt that is changing shape. – Look more polished and professional