Meeting: Sprint 6

Monday meeting day!


Review of Sprint 5

Look back over what I needed to complete this week.




  • I still haven’t completed all the tasks I needed to do for this week, as I haven’t formed a new walk that I have tested within Unity. This was due to me being very busy as it was my birthday and I was focusing a lot of my time on the reflective journal work. Therefore I only had about 1 day that I actually dedicated to the main project and sorting out the animations, meaning I simply didn’t have the time to finish the work. To prevent this happening in the future, I think next time I should try to factor in more time for personal days and reflective journal into the plan. Though this was done on our overall timeline, I think I under estimated just how busy I would be. So by thinking more realistically about the time I will be away from the project, I feel will help me set more realistic goals that I can achieve in the future.



Sprint 6 Tasks

Sprint 6’s tasks are simply to finish off the work from last week and get them done.




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