Animation 7: Walk Experiments

Having researched into walk cycles and how to animate them on Maya, I then thought it would be good to experiment with adding character to the walk cycle. Previously I had made a rough cycle of a basic walk, however on reflection I didn’t feel this suited the nature or design of the character due to it being a very basic and simplistic walk without any fun personality. So I felt the character needs a more dynamic, expressive, fast paced walk.


First Hand Experiments

Here are a selection of gifs that I have created of me trying out several different types of walks, trying to capture a fun, child-like and fast paced feel to them. All to help me identify which types of walks I feel would be most interesting, suitable and suitable for the walk of the character, to then use as reference for creating the walks in Maya.


giphy-9 giphy-10 giphy-11 giphy-16 giphy-17 giphy-18 giphy-20 giphy-3 giphy-4 giphy-5 giphy-6 giphy-7 giphy-8 giphy-24 giphy-23 giphy-22 giphy-21












giphy-25 giphy-38 giphy-37 giphy-36 giphy-35 giphy-34 giphy-33 giphy-32 giphy-31 giphy-30 giphy-29 giphy-28 giphy-27 giphy-26






More bootalicious and sassy





giphy-39 giphy-44 giphy-43 giphy-42 giphy-41 giphy-40




  • Reflect upon these walks and select some to create in Maya to test in Unity.