Walk Experiments Decision


Looking over all the experiments I I have chosen both of these below to take forward and animate in Maya.


Reasons for Choices



  • Child-like and fun – Previously I had researched into having the characters walk like cat walk models (refer to sketchbook 1), however I thought this would cause the characters to appear far too serious and emotionless. With Hurry Hurry Heal Me being a bright, colourful, fast paced, family friendly game, a serious catwalk animation does’t show that. I feel this skip is far more lighthearted and fun due to it being synonymous with happy children and joyful moments, which I believe will be benefit the game as it will make the characters have a child-like element to them. I think children in families could then relate to this, helping to appeal to the target audience, but also to help convey the bright and exciting concept of the game.



  • Child-like and fun – Again like the previous skip, I feel this one also creates a fun, child-like feel about the characters.
  • Elegance – I think this skip has more of an elegance to it, do to the delicate arm movements, which have the grace of a ballerina. Also I feel the light footed nature of the skip, helps to make me appear as though it is floating, added to elegance. I feel this added grace and poise could suit the elongated, elegant design of the models. Therefore I am interested to see whether a more child-like or more elegant animation would best suit the characters within the game. I hope this is sometime I will work out once the animations are complete and tested within Unity.



  • Form animations in Maya using these videos has reference.