Meeting: Sprint 5

Bobbie and I had our scrum meeting today and planned out the tasks for the next week.

Reflecting on Sprint 4

A photo of what was completed in sprint 4


Myself and Bobbie managed to achieve everything set out this week, apart from researching into UI, though Bobbie did managed to get more coding down that was planned so I feel this makes up for not completing the UI. Bobbie’s extra coding was getting the lobby working, so Unity would know which controller is which character, getting the character animations in and putting in the damaging pulses.

I finally finished a model and got it roughly animating, hooray!


Thoughts on Player Character

According to our timeline we created, I was meant to have 2 characters modelled, textured and fully animated by this point. However this is not the case, as I have only roughly animated and model one.

This was simply due to the large amount of research I had to do, which I hadn’t anticipated, though I knew I would need to some I didn’t think I would need to do this quite so much. I feel this is the learning process had made me about about 2 weeks behind. Discussing this, Bobbie and I felt it would be best to have one character fully modelled, animated and textured rather than rush through and try to get 4 done. As then we would at least have 1 high quality character

So over the next 2 weeks I will refine the design of the model, experiment with different animations for the player character and finally learn and experiment with texturing. Enough time for me to develop a single player character to a high level of quality and finesse.

Also if we need 4 character designs then we had a thought of simply baking the animation of the body/ skeleton of the first character and then using that same skeleton for the next character. Therefore I will just need to change the design of the character’s accessories to make them distinguishable from one and other. This way it should greatly reduce the time to create the other characters as it will already be done for me I will simply need to change a few design features which will take me part of a day and then bam we have 4 characters, animated, modelled and textured.



Plan for Sprint 5

Bobbie is way ahead of the timeline we created a few weeks ago, as she was meant to have completed player movement, 4 players and UI by this point, though she has also managed to create a lobby, put animations in, add collecting colour and menu screens. She is on it. Though this is good as I am a little behind and she’s ahead so later on if I’m struggling to finish all the modelling and animation then she can move over and help me later on.

Therefore she will continue with the coding for now and I will soldier on with the animation and modelling.