Animation 5: Walk in Unity

A video of the walk I created using the reference materials and research I undertook.



Testing the Walk in Unity

Handing the animation over to Bobbie she managed to get the characters walking around the screen. It was great to see the characters coming to life, which I feel made  environment feel much more alive and it was exciting to see the game coming together.


Thoughts on the Walk Animation

  • Too generic – No character or personality – Doesn’t have this sense that the characters are in a hurry – No feeling of rushing – too slow – Characters need to look like they are on a mission.
  • Sliding – characters slide around the environment giving the impression the floor is icy which it isn’t – Characters need more friction and weight – More of a solid stable walk
  • Jittery walk – not smooth – more research and refinement of walk cycle


  • Experiment with a range of different walk cycles – Exploring different ways the characters could walk – Finding some that contain a elegance, but also a hastily feel about them, to reflect the appearance of the characters and fast paced nature of the game.