Music Discussion – Craig

Today Adam set us up a meeting with Craig, his friend who has eastern musician connections.


During the talk we discussed the possibilities of composers from the Iranian TV company he works of producing music for us. As they could help produce better quality music for the game than either myself or Bobbie could


3 options

  • Music will be made for our game though the process can be filmed for their companies online show
  • Composers do it out of hours
  • Or Craig puts us into contact with other musicians who he feels may suit/ be interested.



Next Steps

  • Craig will discuss with his colleagues to see if any of them are interested in opportunity to create music for games
  • He will get back to us if someone is interested
  • Myself and Bobbie will then start up regular contact with the composer – Sending more example music and having meetings with them about what we want and what they can do for us.



I found the conservation really useful not only in terms of


  • Feel having an industry connection form the music will help add to the quality of the game by having someone who knows what they are doing create better music than either Bobbie or I could – Ensuring the music helps add to the stressful atmosphere of the game – the music benefits the game rather than detracts from it – These skills me and bobbie don’t have


  • Found the talk was useful – Gave us a new contact helping us to get out there – More contacts – More opportunities for work


  • gave me an incite into what it is like to contact people in the industry – More casual than I thought – Not formal – Skype is fine – Professional but not formal – More experiences like these would be useful to make me feel more comfortable and confident that I can work in the industry – Less fazed.