Sprint 4: Adam’s Feedback

Notes from the team meeting we had with Adam



  • Film on treadmill
  • Catwalk – high heels – WSA fashion
  • Split animation into 3 frames – Walk , Mid, Run
  • Looney tunes
  • Brad Birds – Incredibles
  • Bound game – Movement of character – Elegant ballerina
  • Research animation principles – The animator’s survival kit – By Richard Williams


What Will I Take Forward?

  • Catwalk

I have decided I shall research into catwalks, because I feel the elongated nature of super models matches that of my characters and so realistically the two could have a similar walk. I feel the confident and struty style of catwalk models could suit the curvaceous appearances of the characters, who I feel would be very powerful women. I am worried that a catwalk style walk may look too serious for a fun, fast paced game. However I do think it is important to research and test out first before making assumptions, as it could be the type of walk that will add a uniqueness to the character and will suit them perfectly. So I plan to watch video of catwalk shows and analyse how the models walk, to form an understand of what defines a models walk.


  • Split animation into 3 frames – Walk , Mid, Run

Within future animations, I will try to cut them down into different sections as suggested by Adam. As I feel this will help to add more realism to their movements, as within the previous Unity experiment characters simply went from stationary to full speed immediately, whereas this wouldn’t naturally happen, there is a build up. So I think I will need to cut the frames up to help ensure there is more of a natural delay and progression before the characters reach a full run.


  • Bound game – Movement of character – Elegant ballerina

I have decided to look into the game Bound due to Adam’s description of it having very elegant animations captured through mo-cap of a ballerina. With my GDD I had explained how the character had an elegance to them and I feel this is also shown through their elongated design. Therefore I feel it would be interesting to explore ballerina movements as these are more elegant than any. I want to see and analyse what sort of animations are within Bound whether I feel similar movements would be suitable for the style and mood of the game.


  • Research animation principles – The animator’s survival kit – By Richard Williams

I plan to read through The Animator’s Survival Kit book, as Adam had recommended it to me to help me gain a better understanding of the principles of animations. By learning these I feel I will be able to make more realistic animations, as I will know the rules behind certain movements of positions, and so I will be able to se these rules to enough the movements appear natural.

My previous walk animation was very jittery and clunky and I feel by increasing my knowledge of animation it should help me to solve this and create for smoother, higher quality movements.