Reflection: Deforming Model Investigation

Over these past few days I have had issues with the animating of my model that I created. It was deforming whenever I tried to animate it and I was unsure why.

To solve this issue I looked back over my previous rigging research and even completed a Lynda tutorial for the second time, all to help me identify what the issue was and how to fit it.

In the end I successfully worked out that the issue was with the technique I had used to model the character. By combing limbs through merging vertices at a central point this was the cause of the deformation. I learnt this by creating a new model where I didn’t merge at a central point and this model moved correctly. Therefore this helped me to learn never to use the merging vertices at centre tool when modelling.


Looking back over the work I did, I think I solved the issue maturely and with thought and consideration. On some days I just wanted to freak out and give up because I had worked so hard to create a model that having it deform was greatly disheartening and upsetting. But i think by taking a step back and thinking thoroughly and logically about how to solve the issue, helped me to come up with the troubleshooting ideas of going back over the Lynda tutorial and remodelling my character. So I think I did well to balance my emotions and the tasks I needed to do, I do believe this was due to me just taking some time to consider what the next step was rather than jumping into research when it may not have been useful. Therefore I shall try to remember this when I have future issues – keep calm and relaxed and trust that I will think of a way to solve the issue.