Animation 3: Solving Deformity

Yesterday I identified that there was no issue with the rig I had created, as I had gone through all the steps on the tutorial correctly and that rig on a different modelled had worked. Therefore today I tried to discover what was wrong will the model I had created and how could i go about solving this problem and not making the same mistakes again.


I tried to research into what the problem could be, or what I’ve done wrong but I couldn’t find anything similar on the forums or when searching online. I had a feeling it had something to do with how I had bound the limbs to the body, as this was where the distortion was coming from. I couldn’t find too much information on it, but when looking at tutorials on how to bind lines they all merged the vertices together, whereas I merged the vertices together but at a central point. So I have a feeling this could be the cause of the issue… possibly? I’m still unsure and I may try to post on the forums or social media to see if anyone has any answers for me.

  • Don’t use merge at centre!

Video research – How to merge vertices


Testing out my Theory

To test out my theory of whether merging vertices to a central point was the mistake I had made, I decided to make a quick low poly model to test out this theory. When making the model I only merged the vertices together (not around a point) as this was what modellers (seen in my research above). I would then rig the model and try to animate it. if the model deformed I would know that my merging of vertices didn’t cause the issue, but if it doesn’t deform then I have learnt that I should never merge vertices at a central point.


A video of me remaking and rigging a new model, to test whether merging vertices at a central point deforms the model when animated.



Screenshots of New Model



Findings – The Model Animates

Having created the new model and rigged it, my findings show that the model does indeed animate without any deformation. Therefore I have learnt to never merge vertices at the centre when combining limbs.