Animation 2: Deforming Investigation

Within my last post I showed how my character was deforming when it was animated. I had planned to sit down today and think about how I could solve this issue and so I did.


Within a previous reflection (when forming the skirt) I learnt that I should look back over my previous research to identify solutions to issues before trying to research further, as the answer to my questions could be in the research I’ve already done I just need to look more closely. So using this knowledge, I decided to go back over the Lynda tutorials I had been using as a guide to rig my character. I thought this would be useful as by going back over the tutorials it would help me identify if there is an issue with the rig I am making and if so what I am doing wrong, or if not then there must be an issue with my model.



Figuring out the Issue

I re-downloaded the tutorial assets and went back over the steps of rigging. Having gone through the tutorial again there was still no issue with the rig when it was used with the tutorial assets. Therefore I felt this clearly showed that the process I had learnt from Lynda was correct and it did indeed work, which I believed indicated that there wasn’t anything wrong with the rig I had made. Though the issue is with the model I have created and I need to look more closely at the model and the process I used to learn why it is distorting and what I can do to solve this.



  • Plan to research why my model is deforming and how I modelled it incorrectly.