Meeting: Sprint 4

Monday morning and like always it is Bobbie and I’s scrum meeting day, where we plan out the tasks for the next week.


Review of Sprint 3



Looking back over what I needed to achieve for sprint 3 I haven’t managed to achieve the tasks again this week. I have begun to form a research into 3D modelling and form  3D model, though I haven’t finished and so the tasks for this week are not complete. I believe this is due to an unexpected deadline being sprung upon me, which admittedly I had forgotten about, that deadline was for a style guide that needed t be completed at the end of the week.

Within Derek’s branding workshop we had briefly gone over what the game’s brand could be, thinking about the role geometric patterns and the number 4 could play in the brand. However neither Bobbie or I took this forward and so it simply got left and forgotten about, until this week where I panicked and realised we had a deadline to finish a style guide.

With this deadline looming over I rushed around for a couple of days trying to gain research and examples for what the brand of Hurry Hurry Heal Me would be. In the end though there was no solid deadline and it never even looked at so I didn’t really need to worry or rush. Therefore I now feel I had wasted my time working on a guide that wasn’t important to the current progress of the project, which has now made me get behind on my work and feel stressed about it. I think this will make it hard for me to enjoy the project if I am constantly feeling behind and if I’m feeling like that I don’t think I will create my best work. So to try to prevent this issue in the future, I will ensure that I think more carefully about how important a certain deadline is and whether doing a task that isn’t on the plan will actually benefit or hinder the progress of the project. Helping me to make more informed decisions in the future so I don’t complete tasks because I feel I need to and realise it wasn’t that helpful, ensuring I work smart and not hard.




Sprint 4

My plan for this week is to continue to research into 3D modelling and form a full character model that i was ment to complete last week.